Policy and Program Innovation Division

DANI FOSTER, Division Lead 


Noelle Rudloff, Healthy Aging Policy Consultant


Kat Preftes, Project Manager


Sophia Webber, Project Manager


Sugar Johnson, Research & Administrative Coordinator 

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Successful policies and programs are driven by the needs of the individuals and communities they are intended to serve. Often, policy and program leaders miss the important first step of understanding communities’ self-defined obstacles and assets before developing costly solutions that miss the mark. Collective Insight guides policy and program leaders through the important steps of problem identification (or confirmation), asset mapping, and community-engaged solutioning to not only build trust with communities served, but also save unnecessary spending while improving individual and community outcomes. 

Policy and Program Planning Services

Collective Insight provides a range of innovative research and design services for local, state, and federal agencies as well as for private and non-profit organizations to inform policy and program innovation, including:


Market-Based research and concise reporting

community needs assessment design, data collection, and reporting

case study research design and reporting

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strategic principles design and white papers

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strategic plan development and the engagement of staff and targeted communities

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draft, review, and/or revision of proposals for funding that advance community-driven practices

If you are uncertain where to begin, we will work with you to determine your needs, goals, and the best strategies to achieve your goals.