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Laptop screen showing virtual webinar presentation
Webinar ~ October 14, 2022

"Expertise" Reimagined

Hosted by: Aging PCOR Learning Collaborative

Aging PCOR Learning Collaborative

A partnership between

LeadingAge LTSS Center
Collective Insight


The Aging PCOR Learning Collaborative hosted a webinar for funders to understand the impact of engaging older adults in the design and implementation of policy and research. Attendees learned about the Learning Collaborative and our mission to reimagine research expertise. We explored the benefits of funding projects that engage older adults in the design of research, policy, and programs.

Topics covered included:

  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) and ways in which older adults have helped improve research

  • Funders' experiences funding PCOR and other engaged research models

  • Success stories of older adult engagement in community policy and program development

  • Considerations for expanding older adult and broader stakeholder engagement in your funding portfolios


Learning Collaborative




I. Welcome and Introduction

Speakers: Marc A. Cohen, Ph.D, Co-Director of the LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMASS Boston

Erin McGaffigan, Ph.D. Principle of Collective Insight LLC

Dr. Cohen welcomed attendees to the webinar, introduced Dr. McGaffigan, and the two leads covered the logistics of the session.

II. Panel Discussion

The webinar presented patient-centered outcomes research and comparative effectiveness research concepts, strategies, common benefits, and challenges from the funders’ and community partners’ lens. Our panel consisted of funder, researcher, and older adult lenses.



  • Kate Boyd, Senior Program Officer, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

    • Focus on PCORI overview and defining engagement​

    • Specific examples of how research was improved by engaging stakeholders

  • Vanessa Rorai, Program Coordinator, Healthier Black Elders Center and Henry Swift, Community Advisory Board Member, Healthier Black Elders Center

    • Experiences and perspectives from a community researcher and an older adult engaged in research, policy and advocacy​

  • Amy Eisenstein, Senior Program Officer, RRF Foundation for Aging

    • Funders' experiences learning from other engagement initiatives​

  • Missy Destrampe, Aging PCOR Learning Collaborative Project Manager

    • Learning Collaborative ​overview and the Aging Research Network - ways to be engaged

III. Question and Answer

Dr. McGaffigan lead this section of the webinar. The floor was opened up to all participants to ask questions and discuss individual experiences around the shift to engagement in research and different strategies that could be better utilized. 

IV. Concluding Remarks


Marc A. Cohen, Ph.D, Co-Director of the LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMASS Boston

Erin McGaffigan, Ph.D. Principle of Collective Insight LLC

Dr. Cohen and Dr. McGaffigan closed the webinar and reinforced some of the goals of the session. The aim was to get funders to think about how to support and expand engaged research, and highlight some tools that the Aging PCOR Learning Collaborative has developed with PCORI support.

This webinar was funded through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award 19514-LTSS.

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