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RESEARCH and Program Evaluation 


Missy Destrampe, Project Manager

Kat Preftes, Project Manager

Friends On A Walk

Collective Insight assists clients to design and implement research and program evaluation activities with communities rather than for communities. We believe that research is more rigorous and applicable when those most impacted inform research topics, methods, analysis, and dissemination. We have seen, time and time again, how engaging individuals with lived experience in research and evaluation, not just as subjects, but as partners, uncovers insights not otherwise explored. The result is research and evaluation findings that matter and projects that funders want to fund. 

Research and Program Evaluation Services

Collective Insight provides research and program evaluation services to local, state, and federal agencies, private and nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions to support community-driven research. 

It is never too late! We can work with you to engage communities to improve your research or program evaluation activities in your research design, implementation, or dissemination phase!

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