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Missy Destrampe, BA

Missy Destrampe, as a Project Manager, effectively assumes numerous roles within Collective Insight to support the design, implementation, and success of Collective Insight projects. In this capacity, Ms. Destrampe is responsible for planning, outreach, and overseeing projects while engaging community members throughout the process. Her attention to detail and excellent communication skills ensure projects are completed as planned and on time.  


Ms. Destrampe assumes the role of Engagement Specialist for a significant portion of Collective Insight’s work as seen in her experience implementing Steering Committees, focus groups, and strategy workgroups. In this role, Ms. Destrampe is responsible for recruiting participants, organizing and facilitating meetings, and building and sustaining positive and productive relationships with community members. Additional responsibilities include conducting structured and semi-structured interviews and creating and implementing surveys. Most recently, Ms. Destrampe supported the upstart of a research advisory board made up of older adults to provide guidance for the Sages’ Symposium to Expand Researcher Readiness, a PCORI funded initiative. 


Ms. Destrampe also assumes the role of Research Assistant and Technical Writer for many of our projects, including those that address peer and community network development, policy development, and program and service evaluation. Ms. Destrampe specializes in demographic and market analysis and is currently supporting a pilot program for a large national healthcare corporation. Her strong organizational and analytical skills play a critical role in reporting our project findings in formats that are accessible to a wide range of audiences. As a Technical Writer, Ms. Destrampe lends her strong writing skills to successful proposal and grant requests for our clients. Most recently, Ms. Destrampe co-authored a case study on engagement within a large medical center.  


Ms. Destrampe holds a BA from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  

Missy Destrampe, BA
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