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Engagement training and support


Missy Destrampe, Project Manager

Sophia Webber, Project Manager

Maya Singh, Engagement Specialist

Woman behind a desk, shaking hands with man in a wheelchair

We often hear how engagement strategies do not work, are too time intensive, and are conflict ridden. When done well, engagement of individuals and communities with lived experience can improve member experience, program outcomes, and systems re-design activities while building community trust and appreciation for your work. 

Engagement Training and Planning Services

Collective Insight provides training and support to a wide range of entities seeking to design, implement, or improve their engagement structures. We provide introductory and advanced one-day or multi-day training options, informed by comprehensive needs assessments, to meet the needs of our clients. More specifically, we have assisted state and federal agencies, private and nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions to assess their engagement needs and to implement more effective solutions.

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Engagement implementation Services

Sometimes, it just makes sense to leave it to the experts. Collective Insight also has an “All-Inclusive” option, which allows Collective Insight to step in and directly support our client’s engagement strategies. In addition to the services above, Collective Insight provides the expert team to:

  • Design Outreach Materials and Implement Outreach Strategies 

  • Prepare Community Members and Staff for Meetings 

  • Facilitating and Documenting Meetings 

  • Supporting Trust-Building and Effective Meeting Follow-Up 

  • Evaluating and Improving the Meeting Process 

Flexible contracting options

Collective Insight provides support through Service-Based Contract Option and a Membership Service Option. Our Service-Based Contracts allows our clients to access an à la carte service menu so they can select the engagement service that best meets their needs within their limited budget.

Collective Insight’s Membership Service Option allows members to pay a monthly or annual fee to receive ongoing access to Collective Insight engagement experts and tools. Membership is available in three levels, include bronze, silver, and gold. All members also receive full access to our Resource Library, Monthly Member Newsletter, and partner recognition on the Collective Insight website. 


Up to 12 hours of ad hoc consultant support plus choice of one service and 10% discount on other services ($3,000)


Up to 24 hours of ad hoc consultant support plus choice of two services and 15% discount on other services ($5,000)


Up to 36 hours of ad hoc consultant support plus choice of three services and 20% discount on other services ($7,000)

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