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The PAE Attention Frameworktm 


People have personal values, beliefs, and experiences which influence how they approach (or partake in) engagement. People can influence outcomes and perceptions of success.


The PAE Attention Framework presentation


How engagement is “tackled” (e.g., the use of training and facilitation strategies) is influenced by people. The approach, good or bad, influences outcomes as well as people’s perceptions of success.




The pressures from leaders, funders, and constituents, as well as financial and time constraints, can influence perception of engagement importance and resources dedicated.

Pressure from leaders, constituents, and funders as well as financial/time restraints will influence our perception of how important engagement is, the time and resources we devote to the process, and our own personal buy-in.


We need to PAE attention to how these factors
influence each other and how they impact our outcomes 

Collective Insight's  PAE Attention FrameworkTM (McGaffigan, 2011) provides great insight into the importance of representative engagement in the design and improvement of systems. This Framework, while informed by research conducted within the Cash & Counseling long-term services and supports model, provides a strong foundation for understanding and implementing meaningful and effective engagement across a broad range of program, policy, and research activities.

Collective Insight utilizes the PAE Attention Framework within our three primary divisions to address the needs of clients:


Having known Erin McGaffigan for close to 10 years, I have experienced her strengths and base of knowledge in the area of disabled and elder populations in need of long term services and supports. Erin is a well-informed professional who takes the time to thoroughly research and understand issues and to expertly inform her clients. My work with her was particularly focused on self-direction models and I personally learned a great deal from discussing such models with Erin. I enthusiastically recommend Collective Insight.

Michele Goody,
Director of Cross Agency Integration at MassHealth

(Massachusetts Medicaid)

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