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Collective insight

Collective Insight is the consulting company you can count on to take you from concept to outcome. 

A Pledge from the Owner of Collective Insight

As someone who benefits from white privilege, I cannot pretend to understand what it is like to be Black in America. I recognize racism is entrenched in our systems, and I recognize I play an important role in eradicating institutional racism. I will hold myself accountable to call out racial bias in individual, small group, and large group conversations both in my personal life and in my professional career. I will raise my three children to recognize their own privilege and to combat racism. I will work with the Collective Insight team to elevate the Black voice in our projects and in our professional staffing structure. This is my pledge as owner of Collective Insight.


Erin McGaffigan, Collective Insight


Our Services

Stakeholder Engagement
Program & Service Evaluation
Technical Assistance & Training 
Peer & Community Network Development
Market Research 
GranT & Contract Proposal Development

Our Clients 

Peer Advocacy & Peer Support Organizations 

Publicly Funded Entities & Programs 

For Profit & Not-for-Profit, Community-based Organizations 

Academic Research Centers

For Profit & Not-for Profit Managed Care Organizations and Providers 

Health Care Organizations 

Bureau of Sages

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