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Stakeholder Engagement

From Concept To Outcome

Collective Insight was certified as a woman business enterprise (WBE) with the Massachusetts' Supplier Diversity Office in January 2018!

Welcome from Collective Insight! 

Collective Insight, LLC is the company you can count on to take you from concept to outcome. We take the time to understand your ultimate goal, how you define success, your stakeholders and target audiences, and your obstacles. We know success is dependent on us working efficiently, communicating effectively, and meeting (or actually beating) your timelines. We strive to exceed your expectations, not just meet them. This is what makes us different.

We are built on years of experience conducting policy analysis and constructing effective stakeholder engagement strategies to involve individuals with a diverse range of abilities in the design and improvement of public policy and programs. Our PAE Attention Framework (McGaffigan, 2011) provides great insight into the importance of stakeholder engagement in the design and improvement of long-term services and supports and other social service systems of care. This research, while conducted within the Cash & Counseling model, provides a strong foundation for understanding and implementing meaningful and effective engagement practices across a broad range of public programs and policies. Please visit the Examples of our Work to see how else we have supported our clients, from concept to outcome.

Collective Insight, LLC is available to support the following types of entities:

-Peer advocacy and peer support organizations that want to improve their organization, develop new programs, and/or acquire new funds to fulfill their missions

-Not-for-profit, community-based organizations that want to better understand the barriers to their success, expand their services and supports, and/or meaningfully engage their stakeholders at the direct care, program, or system levels

-For profit and not-for-profit managed care entities and providers that want to better engage their members and other stakeholders at the organization, program, and service levels to ultimately improve the quality of services provided

-Publicly funded entities and programs seeking to design or support meaningful stakeholder engagement strategies within communities and across stakeholder groups


The PAE Attention Model


People have personal values, beliefs, and experiences which influence how they approach (or partake in) engagement. People can influence outcomes and perceptions of success.



How engagement is “tackled” (e.g., the use of training and facilitation strategies) is influenced by people. The approach, good or bad, influences outcomes as well as people’s perceptions of success.




The pressures we are under (or not) from leaders, constituents, colleagues, or financial/time restraints will influence our perception of how important engagement is, the time and resources we devote to the process, and our own personal buy-in. So, the environment also influences the people, the approach, and the outcomes!


We need to PAE ATTENTION to these factors, how they influence each other, and how they impact our outcomes (both real and perceived).


Copyright [2012] by E. McGaffigan. "It's Not So Simple: Understanding Participant Involvement in the Design, Implementation, and Improvement of Cash & Counseling Programs" (2011).