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Strategies for making engagement work

Identifying potential barriers and solutions to patient partner compensation (payment) in research

This paper presents thoughts and experiences related to barriers to compensating patient partners with the goal of helping individuals identify and find solutions to these obstacles

Engagement in Research: Foundational Expectations for Partnerships

PCORI has developed six foundational expectations — building blocks for meaningful, effective and sustainable engagement with patients, communities and other partners in research.

Getting Your Message Across Communicating With People Who Have Intellectual Disabilities, Green Mountain Self-Advocates

Ensuring Your Engagement is Accessible

This plain-language guide explains how individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities understand disability and self-advocacy, to inform your new understanding. The guide also provides checklists and handouts for taking active roles in inclusion and self-advocacy allyship.

Effective Practices for Including People with Developmental Disabilities and New Members on Boards and Committees, Green Mountain Self-Advocates

Ensuring Your Engagement is Accessible

This plain-language guide how to make board meetings and committees inclusive, supportive, and inviting spaces for people with different learning styles. It offers tips and suggestions for facilitation as well as recommended language.

Communication Tips for Working with Older Adults, CJE Senior Life

Ensuring Your Engagement is Accessible

Consolidated information from a variety of sources (listed at the end of this document) regarding how to communicate effectively with older adults in a range of circumstances.

Supporting Virtual Meeting Accessibility, NCAPPS

Ensuring Your Engagement is Accessible

This resource offers considerations and tips to support Virtual Meeting Accessibility

How to Make Surveys More Aphasia Friendly, BRIDGE

Ensuring Your Engagement is Accessible

This tool from Building Research Initiatives by Developing Group Effort offers strategies for making your surveys more aphasia-friendly, including step-by-step instructions on how to embed videos, add closed captioning, and create answer options.

Budgeting for Engagement Activities, PCORI

Getting Engagement Funded

To help applicants incorporate engagement into their study proposal and budget, this document reviews budgetary items associated with engagement within a research study.

Compensation Framework, PCORI

Getting Engagement Funded

PCORI’s Compensation Framework provides guidance for establishing fair compensation levels for patients, caregivers, and organizations.

Grant Writing Tips

Getting Engagement Funded

This website provides tips for writing a grant proposal as well as offers samples.

Introduction to Proposal Writing

Getting Engagement Funded

This resource covers the basics of proposal writing and best practices, including follow-up etiquette. It also provides hands-on exercises.

Optimizing Funding Applications Presentation, PCORI

Getting Engagement Funded

This presentation from the National Organization for Rare Disorder, Rare Disease, and Orphan Product Breakthrough Summit, offers a step-by-step process for evaluating your funding proposal and optimizing it to include stakeholder engagement.

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