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Our Mission

Collective Insight (CI), a certified women-owned consultant firm, was formed in 2014 by founder and owner, Erin McGaffigan, Ph.D. Collective Insight is passionate about inclusion: we believe that health and human service organizations and systems are stronger when they intentionally engage their stakeholders in the design and delivery of services. Collective Insight supports stakeholders to find and use their voice effectively, while assisting organizations to design and implement meaningful stakeholder engagement strategies. 

Our Approach

Collective Insight is the company you can count on to take you from concept to outcome. We take the time to understand your ultimate goal, how you define success, your stakeholders and target audiences, and your obstacles. We work with you while also finding ways to seek the input of your stakeholders through surveys, focus groups, forums, or key informant interviews. While you may see chaos in feedback, we quickly identify themes that are actionable, and in turn, help you to build trust among your valued stakeholders. We know success is dependent on us working efficiently, communicating effectively, and meeting (or actually beating) your timelines. We strive to exceed your expectations, not just meet them. This is what makes us different.


We are built on years of experience conducting policy analysis and constructing effective stakeholder engagement strategies to involve individuals with a diverse range of abilities in the design and improvement of public policy and programs.


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Having known Erin McGaffigan for close to 10 years, I have experienced her strengths and base of knowledge in the area of disabled and elder populations in need of long term services and supports. Erin is a well-informed professional who takes the time to thoroughly research and understand issues and to expertly inform her clients. My work with her was particularly focused on self-direction models and I personally learned a great deal from discussing such models with Erin. I enthusiastically recommend Collective Insight.

Michele Goody,
Director of Cross Agency Integration at MassHealth

(Massachusetts Medicaid)

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