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Training + Support
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We have the know-how you need.


The Aging PCOR Learning Collaborative offers short-term, individual and small group training and consultation to support researchers and students to design meaningful and effective strategies for engaging older adults in their research design and implementation. Training and consultation is provided at no cost to trainees.

Assistance includes opportunities to engage the Learning Collaborative's Older Adult Subcommittee who can meet with you to provide the older adult perspective to your project! Scroll down for more details.


The Aging PCOR Learning Collaborative offers opportunities for students and researchers to meet with our Older Adult Subcommittee to ensure the Older Adult voice informs your work. This trained committee can review your work and provide feedback, lending the older adult perspective to your project. 

Consultation is provided at no cost.

Through the Learning Collaborative, researchers and students also can join live virtual sessions with older adults to discuss their research and receive feedback. Older adults trained in research engagement can help you: 

  • Tailor your research topic to be more relevant  

  • Simplify your messaging to improve outreach 

  • Challenge common biases and hear new perspectives 

  • Gain engagement experience in a supportive environment


I would like to sign up to meet with the Older Adult Subcommittee to share my research and get input!


Apply here

Access to Older Adult Advisors

Training will support researchers and students to:

  • Develop competitive proposals appealing to funders

  • Design innovative engaged research

  • Build healthy relationships with communities

  • Develop engaged research concepts to inform dissertation proposals and research methods

  • Match you with Mentor(s) who can help

  • Answer your questions about engagement

  • Connect you to tools and resources for long-term learning

I would like to learn how to engage older adults as research partners!

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As an older adult, you are an expert in your needs, care, and experiences. Your lived experience is expertise! That expertise is essential to improving research!


The Aging PCOR Learning Collaborative believes Older Adults should be engaged as research partners, not just research subjects! The Learning Collaborative offers training and other opportunities to older adults interested in bringing their expertise to the research process. Training is provided at no cost. 

Our program offers: 

  • Brief training on research basics so you can feel comfortable and confident speaking with researchers

  • Peer support from other older adults bringing their expertise to the research process

  • Conversations with engagement experts where you can build on your ideas and even develop your own research proposals

  • Opportunities to advise researchers and provide your perspective on their work


I would like to learn how to bring my experience, as an older adult, to the research process!


Apply here

Training for Older Adults to meaningfully participate in research design

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Anytime, Anywhere


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Learn how to build effective engagement structures
May 29, 2024
1:00 - 2:30 PM EST
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