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The Engagement Foundations Student Curricula Toolkit is a flexible tool intended to:

  • Support students to learn about and prepare for community engagement.

  • Support faculty to incorporate community engagement into their curricula with ease.

This PCOR Checklist was created by a workgroup of older adults, faculty, and students. Collective Insight received funding from a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award (EACB-26961) to complete this project. PCORI is an independent, nonprofit research organization that seeks to empower patients and others with actionable information about their health and healthcare choices. PCORI funds comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER), which compares two or more medical treatments, services, or health practices to help patients make better informed decisions. While this tool was funded to influence PCOR/CER, it can be used to expand older adults’ engagement within a range of research models. If you have suggestions on how to improve this tool, please contact Missy Destrampe,


What can I use from this toolkit?

Use whatever makes sense for you!


For example:

  • Share the full Toolkit with students as an option to review and complete for extra credit.

  • Share the recorded sessions as an alternative to live lectures.

  • Incorporate the slide decks into existing lecture material.



Rethinking Expertise




How does this Aging PCOR Checklist Work?


This Checklist has four domains. Within each of these domains, we share five to seven activities that can drive PCOR within your learning community. You may not be doing any of these activities or you may be doing a few of them. That is ok because there are no wrong answers. This Checklist simply provides examples of ways you can infuse PCOR concepts into your teaching and research activities. PCOR is a new concept for many faculty and students. Please also refer to our Glossary of Terms as you work through this PCOR Checklist. While we try to simplify concepts, we know that engaged research has various historical contexts and discipline-driven terminology.

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Engagement Foundations Student Curricula Toolkit


Prepare for your research and incorporate real ways to include this kind of collaboration in your own research projects. We also share practical tips to make engagement work in a variety of environments​.

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