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Student Curricula Toolkit

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The Engagement Foundations Student Curricula Toolkit is a flexible tool intended to:

  • Support students to learn about and prepare for community engagement.

  • Support faculty to incorporate community engagement into their curricula with ease.

This toolkit was developed by the Aging PCOR Learning Collaborative, a PCORI funded project dedicated to building capacity among researchers to meaningfully engage older adults as partners rather than merely research participants. The toolkit was built in collaboration with our Older Adult Subcommittee, Steering Committee, and a Student Curricula Workgroup composed of older adults, researchers, and faculty. 


Rethinking Expertise

Rely on our Student Curricula Toolkit to guide your students towards understanding the theoretical and historical underpinnings of engagement. What is expertise? Who are considered experts? What may be a broader definition? Community engagement has evolved, encompassing a range of collaborative approaches that fostered mutual learning and empowerment. Through a historical lens, we continue to rethink and redefine expertise, striving for more equitable and inclusive practices in community engagement. Learn more about the content below!


What can I use from this toolkit?

Use whatever makes sense for you!


For example:

  • Share the full Toolkit with students as an option to review and complete for extra credit.

  • Share the recorded sessions as an alternative to live lectures.

  • Incorporate the slide decks into existing lecture material.



Student Curricula Contents

  • History of Engaged Research and Philosophical Underpinnings

  • Engagement in the Research Process

  • Factors that Influence Engagement in Practice


Each topic in the curricula includes recorded lecture, slide deck, readings and resources, and discussion activity. The curricula also includes an overarching final assessment.


Engagement Foundations Student Curricula Toolkit


Prepare your students to include this kind of collaboration in their own research projects.


We also share practical tips to make engagement work in a variety of environments​.

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